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Cobden & District Legion Branch #550


Terms of Rental - Rules and Regulations of Rental Agreement for upstairs hall at the Royal Canadian Legion Cobden & District Br 550

  1.  Painters tape is the only tape that may be used to put up decorations. (No scotch tape)
  2.  Emergency door at back of hall must remain closed at all times
  3.  The use of flamed candles is strictly prohibited
  4.  The person renting the hall must identify themselves to the volunteer bartender before the event starts
  5.  The person renting the hall is responsible for the conduct of the patrons attending their function
  6.  Patrons have 45 minutes to clear the premises after the bar closes
  7.  Any persons found drinking outside the building will be refused re-entry and will be asked to leave the premises
  8.  Bartenders have the right to have any person or persons removed from the premises
  9.  All decorations must be removed at the completion of the event or at a later date if arrangements made prior to the event
  10.  No confetti
  11.  No birthday parties downstairs for under aged people
  12.  There is a defibulator available for emergencies on the premises with trained personnel (see bartender)

HALL RENTALS - Contact Paul at 613-646-7914

Our hall, prepared for a Civitan function.